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The Break Zone: Shifting Paradigms Around Student Life

We want to help students decrease the stress, anxiety, and pressure associated with student life! We do this by helping shift the paradigms, perceptions, and beliefs associated with being a student.

Whether it's during exams or throughout the school year, you can bring the Break Zone to your school to help positively change life and study habits. This program can help:

  • Reduce Stress, Pressure and Anxiety
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Awareness
  • Feel More Relaxed
  • Study Effectively and Efficiently
  • Build Resiliency
  • Feel Happier
  • Retain more information when studying
  • Get better grades!

What is the Break Zone?

The Break Zone consists of different themed stations that provide students with various different practices, modalities and methods to mitigating stress, anxiety and pressure associated with exams and studying for them.

Each "Zone" runs 20 minute sessions twice per hour (on the hour and half hour). Most Zones are geared to work with a small group, but some are one-on-one. The Break Zone as a whole has something for everyone as the different themes are geared to appeal the diverse needs of the student body.

We base this program on the scientific research that says the human brain requires a 15-20 minute break every 45-60 minutes in order to operate at full capacity. When students study for many hours at a time without taking a proper break, they actually increase their stress levels and decrease their ability to retain the information.

We've created this Break Zone so students can take a break and emotionally, mentally, and physically recharge and rejuvenate, allowing them to study more effectively, retain more information and feel much more relaxed and happy during this time of studying.

Why would students want to participate in the Break Zone:

Do you often feel like your whole future rests on how you do on your next exam? Do you worry about never having enough time to learn all the information that you need to? Are you feeling overwhelmed by having way too much to learn all at the same time? These are just some of the concerns that students typically feel during this time of year. It is not easy to study for multiple topics at the same time without getting stressed, worried, or overwhelmed!

Logo: Youth Wellness Network

No need to worry anymore, because the Youth Wellness Network has your back! We know that this time of year can be crazy, and often times you don’t know where to go to get help! With our Break Zone, you can come take a break from all that is stressing you out and rejuvenate and re-inspire yourself physically, emotionally and mentally!

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